Nourish Massage

A therapeutic balance of clinical and relaxation. Treatments consist of aromatherapy, complete body analysis with focus on client’s concerns for the day. A trigger point, myofascial release and relaxation massage blend.  This is a holistic treatment that is all about you. Cupping is incorporated when applicable.  Level ll Reiki Attuned, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Nourish Facial

Customized to fit your focus. Deep cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation followed by gentle effective extractions. Nourishing mask, to get skin back in balance. Scalp, face, neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage are incorporated to increase relaxation while masks set. Finished with hydration balancing, corrective serums and protection. This is a feel good and look good treatment.

60 min and 90 min Massage & Facial Combo

You can have it all. A focused full bodied massage ending in a facial targeting your specific treatment needs.

30min Facial

Focused on relaxation or extractions.

60min Facial

Relaxation and Extractions.

90min Facial

Head to Toe, this includes foot soak and foot massage. The ultimate treat mixing clinical beauty with total body bliss.


A gentle and effective advanced procedure using a blade to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (that annoying peach fuzz). Safe for sensitive and vascular skin. Followed by enzyme or peel to enhance product absorption and efficacy of treatment. Skin will feel softer, home care products and makeup will go on smoother. Not recommended for actively acneic skin.


Offering far infrared and negative ion treatment. Assisting in removal of harmful toxins, increase in metabolic activity, reduces stress hormones, increases immune function by killing bad bacteria and clearing waste. Increases circulation, enhances pain relief and helps with the recovery from fatigue. Included complimentary with any treatment.

Clarifying Back Treatment

Everything that a Nourish Facial offers, except…on your back. Great for clients with back acne, an upcoming back exposing event or dry itchy winter skin. Back treatments feel great any season for any reason.


Available as stand alone treatment or can be added to a facial. Using Alpha and/or Beta hydroxy acids to work on correction of acne, aging, hyperpigmentation and scarring. These products work deeper through the epidermis to activate cellular turnover and are stimulating to the collagen and elastin makeup. A series of peels is recommended for maximum results.

Foot Focus

Holding specific points on the feet to detoxify and stimulate organ and system balance throughout the body. This treatment starts with an epsom salt bath, includes an herb infused cream and ends with hot towels. This foot focused treatment is a dream for anyone looking for deep relaxation, balance in their body or who has achy, tired feet.

Body Brushing

This detoxifying treatment meets all needs. Using a natural hair brush to incorporate exfoliation, increasing cellular renewal and stimulating collagen and elastin. Lymphatic drainage is addressed to release and dispose of toxins, making the body less stagnant and reducing pain. By moving these toxins that get caught in the adipose(fatty)tissue, we are also able to reduce the appearance of cellulite. After the body brushing a warm organic vegan oil is massaged into the skin to replenish and relax.

Facial and Body Cupping

Massage cupping uses a vacuum technique to loosen adhesions, relieve inflammation and drain lymph. Lifting, stretching and separating fused tissue.