Terms of Safety Practices

I agree to:

-Come by myself to my appointment, as to limit exposure to others.

-Arrive, just on time. Nourish’s waiting area is temporarily closed.

-Respect the treatment providers time. All treatments will begin and end on time to ensure that there is time to adhere to sanitation precautions between each service. If you are late, only the allotted time will be provided.

-Wear a mask into the building and treatment room. Clients can notify Nourish, if they do not have access to a facial mask.

-Wash hands or use the provided hand sanitizer before entering the room and upon completion of treatment.

-Remove shoes before entering the room.

-Preform consultation, establish pre bookings and payment methods prior to entering the building, to reduce face-to-face contact inside of the treatment. This can be done during confirmation call that will be given 24-48 prior to appointment.

-Cell phone use is not permitted in the treatment room. Please silence your phone before entering the room and restrain from checking your phone while in the treatment room. If you need to have a cell phone on during treatment let the provider know and an alcohol wipe will be provided to sanitize your device.

Please understand, these terms are for your safety and the safety of others. Nourish is doing as much as possible to offer a healthy environment, so that you can continue to receive the care you need.

Here are the measures Nourish is taking: Using an air purifier, purifying essential oils in the air, hand sanitizer and hand washing practices, sanitation of hard surfaces between each client, disposable cups for drinking water, wearing masks, eye protection and gloves when applicable. Setting safety agreement protocols, treatment triage questions and consent forms to best ensure the safety for all. Seeing fewer clients. Please let me know of any questions or concerns that you may have.

Terms of Safety Agreement

Please print this at home, fill it out and bring with you to your next appointment.